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With Your Hands — How To Make Yourself

From boards of thickness 38 mm, cut out the rear legs A, the front legs B, the lower and upper bars of the crosspiece C, D. Note. Leave these blanks rectangular until you complete the fabrication of the joints. Mark the contours of the rear legs with a pencil (Figure 1). Then, using a submersible router with a side stop and a spiral cutter, select the 8 mm width for the backrest G on the inside of the workpieces (Figure 1). Cut the bottom corners of each nest with a sharp chisel (photo A).

Mark the contours of the front legs on the workpieces (Figure 2). Cut the sockets with a width of 13 mm on the narrow sides of the front and rear legs. Chamfer the corners at both ends of each nest with a chisel.

Mark the contours of the cross bars C, D (Figure 3) and form spines on their ends. Then, make a notch on the bar to join the pot.

Note. The cutouts for the half-wedging are offset back, and the depth of cuts in the details is different by 25 mm.

With a band saw, cut the rear legs A along the contour, as well as the lower meadow on the cross bars C, D (Fig. 3). Make a constriction only on the inner edge of the front legs in which the nests are located.

Planing or sanding remove traces from the saw teeth. (By retaining the rectangularity of the front edge of the front legs, you can simplify the assembly.)

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Glue the two assemblies of the legs A / B / C and A / B / D and fix them with clamps (photo B). When the glue dries, opilite the second narrowing on the front legs B and level the surface with a plane or sandpaper. Glue both assemblies together, connecting the cutouts of the cross bars.

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